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20  //  Writing my way around the globe

Hi! I’m Emma, a Creative Writing student, traveller and food lover from Australia’s beautiful Mornington Peninsula.
In my short time on this planet, I’ve made it to nineteen countries on four different continents. Some highlights include a trip to Lake Mývatn in Northern Iceland and my recent safari adventure through Kenya and Tanzania! My mind is brimming with hilarious travel tales and mishaps that I’m bursting to share, complete with the photos to match.
I’ve made it my mission to visit all seven continents and as many regions of the world as humanly possible before I turn twenty five. That’s five years to see, taste and experience a plethora of different places and the only thing I love more than travelling this incredible world, is writing about it!
If wanderlust pumps through your veins at the sight of foreign panoramas and the taste of exotic foods, join me in my quest to see as much of this wild world as I can!
Instagram: emmcalley

*Disclaimer: Most of the shots with me in them were taken by my talented friend Belle. You can find more of her work here
Any other images unless otherwise stated, have been photographed by me.

63 thoughts on “About Me

  1. patpatkay says:

    Holla! 🙂 I’m kind of jut looking for other teenage bloggers around here 🙂 And this seems like quite a lovely blog! I love your title and the quotes here in your little bio. Look forward to your posts 😀

    • TheEditingGirl says:

      Hi patpatkay! I’m a teen blogger, and I also know a list of other teen bloggers including Elisichi who writes ‘thejourneyofmythoughts.wordpress.com’ and Meehaan from ‘meehaan.wordpress.com’… both of which are great blogs. I really like your blog as well!

  2. ConfusedTeen says:

    I love how you managed to call yourself a proverbial lost sheep and quote Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Gandhi in the same post 😉 Your blog is awesome, and your backround is absolutely stunning. It makes me want to grab my book and jump into the picture *-* Anyways, I’m also a teenage girl (almost 16), I live in France, and I just started a blog. Wish me luck! Keep blogging!

    Yours sincerely,
    The Mostly Confused Teenager.

  3. keerthipoojari says:

    Hey there fellow teen!
    So I stumbled upon your blog and for once I’m really happy about my stumbles! (Did that make sense?) What I mean to say is that you have an awesome blog and I’m so glad I found you 😀

    Looking forward to read more of your posts 🙂

  4. Amir says:

    Hi, i just knew (from your last post ) that you’re going on a gap year, so i thought of following you in order to know how this gap year would be for someone who has almost the same age as me ( in case you shared that experience) .Keep up the good writing, i enjoyed it. Cheers.

    • attemptingreality says:

      Thanks 🙂 I’ll definitely be posting along the process of planning and booking my trip, as well as hopefully started a travel blog next year!

  5. Aakansha says:

    “If hearing about the daily perils of an aspiring author appeals to you, I’d love for you to stick around.”

    Hi Emma, considering the absolutely relatable lines above, here I am! 😛

    Also, thank you for stopping by my blog; that way I bumped across yours. Your posts are very intriguing and I’m looking forward to more ‘adventures’ with you.

    P.s- Great minds do think alike. 😉 😀

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